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Chartered Professional Accountant

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Who We Are

At Douglas A. Kasper Professional Corporation we believe and respect the distinct and diverse needs of our clients. We operate a professional office committed to providing you with improved performance and decision making.

We specialize in small to medium sized businesses and provide comprehensive financial and business advisory services for clients. We provide a full range of services including accounting, personal and corporate tax, bookkeeping and payroll, business start-up assistance, tax-planning vehicles, US personal tax returns and personal financial planning.

Douglas A Kasper Professional Corporation started operating as a sole practioner in Calgary in October 2003. I have over thirty years of experience in the areas of personal and corporate planning and filing. My combined overall experience helps me to understand how and why my clients make their business decisions.

All client questions are treated with respect, decorum and confidentiality. If a client feels the need to ask a question then I consider the answer to be important to the client. In addition the answer to such questions is put in such an understanding manner that the client is comfortable with the response. We do not expect the client to become a tax or financial accounting expert. That is the reason that they use the services of a professional accountant.

We strive to make ourselves available to clients rather than force clients make themselves available to us.

The firm is committed to providing all of our clients with credible, accurate and information and services to enable them to improve their management decisions. We also provide our clients with suggestions so that they can improve their existing situations.

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Contact Us

923 13 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0L3, Canada

Phone: (403) 244-9711

Fax: (403) 244-7611

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